Process for Applying and Receiving Grants

P-20 Grants Process

The process for applying and receiving grants for projects and developers building on the P-20 Blockchain is as follows:

  1. Project Proposal:

    • Interested project or product teams should submit their proposals through the designated communication channels, providing a comprehensive description of the tool or task they intend to develop using the P-20 Blockchain's technology.

    • The proposal should outline the project's goals, objectives, and its alignment with the vision and values of the P-20 Blockchain ecosystem.

  2. Evaluation and Selection:

    • The P-20 Grants community team will review the submitted proposals based on various criteria, including innovation, feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with the P-20 Blockchain's objectives.

    • Shortlisted projects will be invited for further evaluation and discussions to assess their technical capabilities, team expertise, and development plans.

  3. Agreement and Funding:

    • Upon successful evaluation, the P-20 Grants team will provide a formal agreement that outlines the grant amount, funding structure, and terms and conditions.

    • Both parties will sign the agreement, solidifying the commitment and responsibilities of each party.

  4. Development and Milestones:

    • The project team will commence development based on the agreed-upon milestones and timelines.

    • Regular progress updates and milestone reports will be required to track the project's development and ensure alignment with the grant objectives.

  5. Open Source and Code Review:

    • As part of the grant requirements, the project's code must be open source, allowing for transparency and collaboration within the community.

    • The code will undergo a thorough review process conducted by the P-20 Blockchain's development community team to ensure its integrity, security, and compliance with best practices.

  6. Grant Disbursement:

    • Once the project has reached the agreed-upon milestones and successfully completed the code review, the grant funds will be disbursed as per the funding structure specified in the agreement.

    • The disbursement will be subject to the fulfillment of all requirements and compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

  7. Ongoing Support and Collaboration:

    • Throughout the development process, the P-20 Grants team will provide technical support, guidance, and resources to assist the project team in achieving their goals.

    • The project team will have opportunities to collaborate with the P-20 Blockchain community, exchange knowledge, and leverage the network's expertise.

Please note that the specific details and requirements may vary depending on the nature and scope of the project. It is recommended to consult the P-20 Grants team or refer to the official documentation for more precise guidelines and instructions.

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